Introduction of a life-long learning project for teachers

Low skilled and educated adults participate in lifelong learning less than other groups of adults. This is an important issue for most of the European Countries. Many countries have recently worked out plans and activities to get low skilled adults back to schools to end their undergraduate level. The raise of importance of lifelong learning changes the roles of compulsory education organizations (adult gymnasium, vocational institutions etc), universities. The project main objective is to encourage teachers in schools to raise the efficiency of learning processes by adapting their teaching approaches to adult learner centered. For that we support them with adequate methodological tools and develop their skills (pilot courses) through the developed curriculum by using these tools. In this project we concentrate on the adult training efficiency by creating a strong learning community between participating organisations (partners) for sharing and analyzing the best practices and working for the main objective.
During this project there will be three short term joint staff training events taking place (in Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia) where will be 15 participants in each event (including local teachers), nine pilot courses will be carried out (in Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia) where will be about 100 teachers participating and giving feedback to the methodological tool and curriculum worked out and a multiplier event (seminar) where will be about 50 participants (teachers from participating countries).
Project team will organise 5 transnational meetings and will set up regular project meetings through SKYPE. Impact of the project at local and regional level is that teachers participate in professional training program that gives them real skills and toolbox to help them to update their view to the training process efficiency. participating teachers will be more motivated, methodologically prepared and open minded to adults in their training groups.
This project will be carried out based on co-creation frameworks that means that end users will be included in the project activities through the all stages and it helps to cover the real needs of target group. In national level that kind of approach to development of curriculums is innovative and will be shared as suggested practice to adapt changes in education field.
The project will gather together the private sector knowledge and skills and will realize it for the raise of adult learning participation in compulsory education. Desired impact of this project in common sense (national and international level) would be the acknowledgement of the needs that approaches to teachers role and attitudes (in methodological and target group level) has to change rapidly and fast as the profile of students is changing (more adult learners).

Partners of the project:
Kasvulava OÜ (Estonia)- project co-ordinator (
Loome OÜ (Estonia)- partner (
Spring Valley SIA (Latvia)- partner (
TopCoach (Slovakia)- partner (